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The Icon Bar is the longest running RISC OS portal. The sensibilities that Acorn instilled in us still influence our interests and writing.

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CES 2010: ARM hardware roundup

Posted by Jeffrey Lee on 02:40, 17/1/2010 | , , , , , , ,
Last week saw this year's annual Consumer Electronics Show go down in Las Vegas. The world's largest consumer technology tradeshow, it's traditionally a source for many product announcements from the major manufacturers. This year there was a lot of focus on 3D TVs, e-readers, and, most importantly for us, next-generation ARM-powered goodies.

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A gaggle of gadgets

Posted by Jeffrey Lee on 21:00, 13/6/2009 | , , , , , , ,
Last week saw this year's annual Computex Taipei computer trade show go down in Taiwan. The second largest computer trade show in the world, it's traditionally a source for many product announcements from the major manufacturers. Most of the time these announcements are of x86-based products, but this year it was ARM's turn to take center stage, delivering on last year's announcement that ARM were to make a big push into the netbook market. Although none of the products listed here are in stores at the moment, all announcements point towards a good number of them being made available before the year is out.

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Early August Update

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 11:38, 4/8/2006 | , , , , , , ,
Apart from my Dad adding another year to the tally, here's a rundown of what's happenin' this weekend: "RISC OS Now" magazine launching; R-Comp's new RISCube MINI; some quickies.
Louie Smith is launching a new magazine (in the preferred dead tree format), with the dual aims of appealing to the existing user/programmer base and attracting new blood.
To this end, contributers are sought, and cash money may be on offer:
I'm looking for anyone able to write articles and reviews aimed at experts and beginners alike. I am interested in articles about existing software and new releases. Also, if anyone is interested in writing a regular column please contact me.
Expected to cost £4.20 per issue, or £29.95 for the annual subscription, this may or may not hit a WH Smiths near you soon. It'd be nice to see something hit the shelves again to fill the AU-shaped hole, if Smiths can be persuaded.
Source: Usenet posting
RiscubeRISCube MINI
The specs seem a little fluid at the mo, but R-CompInfo are about to release a "stunning new computer" that's "the size of a medium-sized hardback book - it'll even fit into a briefcase."
A dual core, 512MB, 80GB HDD, CD writing, card reading, DVI/VGA/TV outputting and wired/wireless networking model is the base, with Windows XP Home and RISC OS 4 or Adjust; but cheaper (single core) or beefier (e.g. 1GB/200GB/DVD writer/XP Pro) models will be available.
Price inc. VAT is expected to be around 999 of your earth pounds, more info at the RISCube website.
Source: press release
9 comments in the forums

Google announces open-source project repository

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 09:05, 28/7/2006 | , ,
Google CodeSearch behemoth Google has opened a new area for hosting open source projects.
The site seems to be a simple Subversion-based hosting service with few bells and whistles, which seems unlikely to trouble established sites like SourceForge. However, in an article on NewForge, Google geek and Apache Software Foundation chairman Greg Stein is quoted as saying "We really like SourceForge, and we don't want to hurt SourceForge" or take away projects. In fact, to protect stuff on SourceForge, if a project name appears there it can't be added to the Google system without approval from the project owner. It appears that the idea is just to make better use of Google's massive infrastructure, and help the smaller endeavours out there. You won't be able to host a website with them, and currently people can't even download files, but the latter at least will be resolved RSN.
So, for all you budding programmers out there, at least the excuse of "I don't have anywhere to host the project" shouldn't be stopping you.
10 comments in the forums

Castle Up For Grabs

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 08:49, 6/7/2006 | , , , , , ,
CastlelogoCut to the chase: according to a recent press release, 30% of CastleInfo is about to become available:
Pattotek Ltd owns a 30% share in the voting capital of Castle Technology Ltd ("Castle"), owner of the RISC OS Operating System and developer of RISC OS based desktop computers. Pattotek Ltd today announced that, due to diverging business interests, it is examining its options regarding Castle and would like to hear from potential investors in the RISC OS community who could be interested in gaining control of this stake in Castle.
Pattotek's CEO, Pete Wild said, "after almost 20 years personal involvement in RISC OS, it is regrettably no longer core business and we must consider what is best for the future of the OS". He added, "However, Castle still has a dynamic management team, and exciting new plans for the future of RISC OS; here is an opportunity for the user community to have more of a say in those plans. Given the past history between Castle and RISCOS LtdInfo, this could represent a chance for the re-unification of efforts to move RISC OS forward."
Interested parties should email castleinvest@pattotek.com
Coming off the back of Intel getting shot of the XScale (StrongARM), now might be the time for RISC OS fans to look down the back of the sofa for that loose change...
Source: Google Groups
12 comments in the forums

It's Acorn, but not as we know them...

Posted by Andrew Poole on 15:59, 5/5/2006 | , , , , ,
Acorn Computers, but not as we know them...Interesting news from our forums, a thread on csa.misc, El Reg and the various people who have emailed us today is that Acorn Computers appear to be exhibiting at the Computer Trade Show at the Birmingham NEC this week.

According to their exhibitor entry on the Computer Trade Show site, they will be launching "a new range Acorns, which will be cutting edge, ultra-reliable and feature rich", powered by AMD and Intel processors.

At the moment, their website doesn't give much away, but discussion on our forums and in csa.misc are suggesting that this isn't the Acorn that we know and love, given that Acorn is still a registered trademark of Element-14 (now owned by Broadcom).

The Icon Bar's hero, Paul Vigay, has said on usenet that he has contacted Companies House to report fraudulent use of the Acorn name, and is asking people to do the same, giving details in his post.

More news on this one as it develops.

26 comments in the forums

RISC OS Products Directory finds new home

Posted by Andrew Poole on 21:34, 4/12/2005 | , , ,
cogiconRebecca Shalfield of Hypertour Software (which interestingly has no mention of RISC OS) has just got in touch to let us know that their new RISC-OS.net website has gone live. The site is a simpler form of RISCOS Ltd's RISC OS Products Directory.

The RISC OS Products Directory was set up by RISCOS LtdInfo. and was apparently last updated in January 2005. The new version, on RISC-OS.net doesn't contain as much general information as the RISCOS Ltd. version, but is reported to be slightly more up to date, and allows developers to add their own software to the database rather than having to request that it be added.

Of course, there are still other RISC OS Links directories out there, such as Google Directory Category, The ANS Filebase, Paul Vigay's Links Directory (which has just been overhauled again) and the now somewhat out of date (and similarly named) RISCOS.net.

34 comments in the forums

Argonet closes its doors

Posted by Andrew Poole on 20:39, 15/7/2005 | , , , ,
Paul VigayThis morning, Argonet turned off its ISP services to all customers who haven't yet moved to alternative ISPs. Dialup access was turned off early this morning as was web hosting. Email will remain working for a few more days to allow people to fetch email from another ISP.

Because Orpheus Internet have secured the use of the domain, anyone who had websites or email hosted on argonet.co.uk can contact Paul to arrange for these to be forwarded to your new addresses.

Paul also asks for any users trying to contact Orpheus technical support to "persevere if you have difficulty getting through" as "the Orpheus technical support phones are very busy at the moment." He is, however, aiming to deal with everyone as soon as he can.

csaa Announcement (Google Groups)
Orpheus Internet


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