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The Icon Bar: News and features: RISC OS Firefox beta surfaces

RISC OS Firefox beta surfaces

Posted by Andrew Poole on 20:56, 20/6/2005 | , , , , ,
RISC OS Firefox (click for full size)Peter Naulls today released his RISC OS port of the Firefox web browser, having received his target amount of pledges.

Weighing in at a 9.5MB download, you will need at least 25MB of spare hard disc space, and lots of RAM to load it (Peter's help file suggests around 30MB to load, which can get to over 64MB whilst using it). You'll also need at least RISC OS 4 with long filenames and more than 77 files per directory. It is apparently possible to persuade it to load in RISC OS 3.7, but it's unstable if you do so.

People downloading this beta release of the browser are urged to fully read the !Help file within !Firefox before attempting to use it, as it contains usage information and bug reporting information.

This particular release is based on the Deer Park Alpha 1 browser, which was recently released by the Mozilla developers for testing purposes. Although it's not currently as responsive as other native RISC OS browsers, it does show that a lot of work has gone into porting the browser, and that there is still some work to do.

RISC OS Firefox Port
RISC OS Firefox Beta Download


  RISC OS Firefox beta surfaces
  andrew (21:27 21/6/2005)
  fwibbler (21:50 21/6/2005)
    Hertzsprung (23:03 21/6/2005)
Andrew Message #93683, posted by andrew at 21:27, 21/6/2005
HandbagHandbag Boi
Posts: 3439
Seems an amazing piece of work. I wonder if the making it more RISC OS friendly will make be able to make it more efficient in memory and disc usage - that would really make it stand out. I'll be donating to this I think on getting end-of-month wage and I think this would be a great investment above and beyond the mere presence of a fully-functional open source browser on RISC OS.
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fwibbler Message #93684, posted by fwibbler at 21:50, 21/6/2005, in reply to message #93683

Posts: 320
I suppose everyones opinion differs on this, but I'd much prefer it to be made faster rather than RISCOS features be added.
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James Shaw Message #93685, posted by Hertzsprung at 23:03, 21/6/2005, in reply to message #93684

Posts: 1746
This has also got to the top of MozillaZine, the leading mozilla project magazine.


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The Icon Bar: News and features: RISC OS Firefox beta surfaces