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The Icon Bar: News and features: Re-release round-up

Re-release round-up

Posted by Phil Mellor on 12:48, 17/4/2003 | , ,
APDL/ProAction have relaunched two more programs previously sold by Clares - the printing utility Spooler and geographical tool Topographer. Spooler (£9.90) intercepts all printing from desktop applications and stores it temporarily on disc, then prints the document in the background so that you can continue working in the desktop. Topographer (£19) can be used to create maps (supporting most Ordnance Survey features) that can then be viewed in three dimensions, and is aimed at the education market.

R-Comp took over the RISC OS version of DataPower 2 in February and have been working to remove the irritating copy protection, produce new documentation and examples, as well as making progress towards a 32-bit compatible version. A registration scheme (£25) provides the latest updates, and users of DataPower 1 can upgrade for £50.

Update: ProAction have provided details of further re-releases - astronomy package NightSky (£14.90), now updated for RISC OS 3; ProArtisan 24 (£29); and spreadsheet Schema 2 (£59). Schema now ships with the Excel (HTML) converter and macro manual.

  Re-release round-up
  (13:44 17/4/2003)
  danielbarron (16:03 17/4/2003)
    guest (16:06 17/4/2003)
      takkaria (11:03 18/4/2003)
Basal Drobe mentalit Message #92038, posted at 13:44, 17/4/2003
Unregistered user Nice site this - clear crisp news articles :-)
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Daniel Barron Message #92039, posted by danielbarron at 16:03, 17/4/2003, in reply to message #92038
Posts: 19
Now if only it could import OS data then turn that into a 3d image. That would be cool.
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guest Message #92040, posted at 16:06, 17/4/2003, in reply to message #92039
Unregistered user Try Procad+
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Andrew Sidwell Message #92041, posted by takkaria at 11:03, 18/4/2003, in reply to message #92040
Posts: 324
Wow, NightSky now has RISC OS 3 support! That's what I've always wanted...
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Re-release round-up