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The Icon Bar: News and features: Shortcuts review

Shortcuts review

Posted by Chris Williams on 00:00, 9/9/2000 | , ,
Developer: Paul Wilkinson (fetch from iconbar.com) Release Date: Available
Sound familiar? You've got your backdrop selector, your funky desktop font, window tools taken from an iMac friend, an application launcher that is full to the brim and numerous gadgets that show the time, free memory, the location of the nearest winning lottery ticket and the processor speed of your over worked computer. Even though I was (hopefully) joking about the lottery ticket, I have here a serious desktop enhancer.
Shortcut can perform any filer operation
Pressing Control and X will delete a file, a prompt is given of course. Hey, I need that directory!
Each filer command is assigned a keypress
As you can see, ShortCuts has the filer fully covered- every command is assigned a keypress
Filer Shortcuts only uses 32K of memory and doesn't slow up your desktop. Instead, it allows you to manage your files with simple keypresses- from access settings to copying to deleting to new directories. You can do just about any filing system operation with a keypress, something RISC OS has been missing for sometime.
By highlighting a file and pressing Control and E, I am shown the size of the selected file. By highlighting another file and pressing F3 I can copy the file to another directory. Wait- I need to make a new directory.. Control and N does it. Very, very nice.
File management is now fast and easy and I haven't encountered any problems with Shortcuts. I must admit it took sometime getting used to pressing Control and X to delete a file instead of going through the filer menu, but Shortcut's usefulness sorted that out. Very nice.
After you download ShortCut from above, settype the file to 'Utility' (using the normal filer menu opened by clicking the middle mouse button over the file) and then double-click on it.
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Shortcuts review