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The Icon Bar: News and features: Unix Porting Project launches Developer Subscriptions

Unix Porting Project launches Developer Subscriptions

Posted by John Hoare on 16:23, 28/1/2003 | , ,
When Peter Naulls launched the Unix Porting Project, he was at strains to insist that it was for everyone to help support RISC OS software development, and you did not have to do any programming or have any technical experience. However, there was a suggestion that resources for people who wanted to help develop might be avaliable later on, and this has now materialised in the form of Developer Subscriptions.

For an extra 25 for 6 months (on top of the 25 for a regular subscription) you will get, in Peter's own words, "access to many of the tools I use to develop the ports in a Unix cross compiling environment, and support for their use in your own porting". More tools as they are developed are promised, as well as help for general porting problems.

Also announced is a way to pay for your subscription through PayPal; although you can still pay via cheque as well. Don't forget that for an additional 25 you can get a subscription with Browser Support - and who doesn't want to see a decent browser ported to RISC OS?

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The Icon Bar: News and features: Unix Porting Project launches Developer Subscriptions