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The Icon Bar: News and features: Wireless Networking Comes To RISC OS

Wireless Networking Comes To RISC OS

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 20:44, 10/1/2003 | , , , ,
Just checking what I'd missed over Christmas, and it appears that everyone overlooked this groovy bit of info! Stu Tyrrell has brought wireless networking to RISC OS - press release in full 'cos I'm supposed to be elsewhere:

Wireless Networking from Stuart Tyrrell Developments

Stuart Tyrrell Developments are pleased to announce a range of wireless networking devices for RISC OS and PC machines.

Wireless USB adaptor

The wireless USB adaptor enables users who own the Simtec USB card (available from Stuart Tyrrell Developments) to connect their machine to a new or existing wireless network in ad-hoc or infrastructure mode. The device simply plugs into the USB card like other USB devices, and comes complete with a RISC OS configuration program. Drivers for this device are based upon the acclaimed code which drives Simtec's NET100 cards.

Wireless USB adaptor inc RISC OS drivers: £79.95 inc VAT and carriage.
Wireless USB adaptor for PC (no RISC OS drivers): £69.95 inc VAT and carriage.
Simtec USB card: £99.95 inc VAT and carriage.

Wireless PCMCIA card (for use with PC portables) : £59.95 inc VAT and carriage.

Wireless Access point / Bridge / Media Converter

This versatile device, primarily an access point and interface between wired and wireless networks may also be configured as a bridging access point (enabling a number of wired networks to be linked wirelessly), and as a media converter (enabling a single machine fitted with a network card to communicate with a wireless network). It is ideal for users with machines which are currently fitted with Simtec NET100 network cards who want to convert their network to a wireless variant.

Wireless Access point / Bridge / Media Converter: £99.95 inc VAT and carriage
NET100 100BaseT card: £89.00 inc VAT and carriage

All wireless poroducts operate at up to 11Mbps and support 128-bit WEP.

Stuart Tyrrell Developments
PO Box 183

Phone: 0845 458 8803 / 01706 848 600
Fax: 0870 164 1604
email: info@stdevel.co.uk
web: http://www.stdevel.co.uk

I'm hoping to get a USB card for my RiscPC soon, so maybe I'll be able to connect to the office network in a morning without having to hunt around under the desk for that errant CatV cable. But to make best use of it, a USB-enabled RISC OS laptop would be nice...
  Wireless Networking Comes To RISC OS
  Timothy609 (17:28 11/1/2003)
  gcse.com @ BETT (18:40 11/1/2003)
    stdevel (12:48 12/1/2003)
Tim Firmager Message #91618, posted by Timothy609 at 17:28, 11/1/2003
Posts: 42
WOW, well this is definitely getting us nearer to what a full spec. PC has bundled with it!
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gcse.com @ BETT Message #91619, posted at 18:40, 11/1/2003, in reply to message #91618
Unregistered user WOW indeed. The BETT show is just littered with wireless networks. Or, in the case of RM, two wireless notworks, as they are interfering with each other!

So... what's next, interactive whiteboard support via RISC OS USB? :-)

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Stuart Tyrrell Message #91620, posted by stdevel at 12:48, 12/1/2003, in reply to message #91619
Posts: 279
Just a comment to apologise for the lack of info previously on the website. Now at http://www.stdevel.com/wlan.html.
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Wireless Networking Comes To RISC OS