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The Icon Bar is the longest running RISC OS portal. The sensibilities that Acorn instilled in us still influence our interests and writing.

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Wakefield Show 2009

Posted by Andrew Duffell on 09:01, 25/4/2009 | , , , , , ,
Wakefield RISC OS ShowThe 2009 Wakefield Show takes place today.
  • Stuart Tyrrell Developments' have unveiled their VPod graphics accelerator. For £149, the podule card for the Risc PC range of computers features hardware acceleration and high resolutions such as 1680x1050 in 16 million colours.
  • NetSurf 2.0 has been released and is available for download on the NetSurf website.
  • RISC OS Open has been demonstrated running on a A7000 computer.
Link: Wakefield Show news (via Twitter)

29 comments in the forums

Firefox released for RISC OS 5 [Updated]

Posted by Andrew Duffell on 10:28, 2/12/2006 | , , , , , , ,
A port of Firefox 2 for CastleInfo Technology's IYONIX PC has been released by Peter Naulls. This release comes after users contributed the 1000 GBP that Peter had asked for to fund the development.
Peter would like to thank all those who contributed, but he is still after another 4000 GBP to release a further update with integration to RISC OS, and fixing some other issues. This release is targeted for Christmas day if the contributions meet the target.
A port for Advantage Six's A9home computer has not been ruled out subject to financial interest, and Peter is asking people interested in a port for any RISC OS platform to email him.
Update: Rob Kendrick has released a patch that allows the IYONIX Firefox port to run on the A9home by providing emulation for the XScale-specific instructions to a fudged copy of the Firefox executable.
RISC OS Firefox

8 comments in the forums

Review - A9home

Posted by Chris on 18:03, 26/11/2006 | , , , ,
Icon Bar regular Chris reviews the recently-released A9home from Advantage Six.
Continue reading "Review - A9home" | 15 comments in the forums

32bit RISC OS Six announced

Posted by Andrew Duffell on 16:39, 18/10/2006 | , , ,
ROLRISCOS LtdInfo have today announced RISC OS Six on the Glasgow leg of their northern road show.
RISC OS Six is built from a completely 26 bit / 32 bit neutral source, and the move away from the RISC OS 4 brand is because "RISC OS 4 has always been linked with 26 bit computers". The name RISC OS Six is also said to have been chosen due to links with Advantage SixInfo. ROL "hope that everyone will soon see the advantages of RISC OS 6."
A preview version will soon be available for as a softload for existing Select subscribers, and also for those who last subscribed to the Select scheme after May 31st 2004.
Link: RISC OS Six
25 comments in the forums

Wakey Wakey, it's show time again!

Posted by Andrew Poole on 20:54, 10/5/2006 | , , , , , , , , , , ,
[A badly spelt AA roadsign]Once again it's time for the Wakefield show, the 11th one to be exact. Just for you lucky punters, roughly 30 exhibitors will be attending the show this year, and as usual the theatre has a packed programme throughout the day. In addition to this, there's also a "RISC OS in action" section, manned by Ian Chamberlain and sponsored by Qercus, which will have a number of demonstrations of RISC OS in use on A9 and Iyonix computers doing various tasks.

Exhibitors this year include CastleInfo Technology, Genesys Developments, MW Software and the NetSurf development team, who will be demonstrating the latest developments on the open source browser.

VirtualAcorn will also be present, demonstrating their latest addition to their product family, VirtualRPC-SA, which provides emulation of the StrongARM processor in addition to the Arm710 processor it previously supported.

The theatre programme for this year's show is as follows:

10:30John Cartmell
10:45Advantage6 - Part 1
11:30Castle Technology
13:00Paul Middleton - RISCOS LtdInfo.
14:00ArtWorks 2
15:00Advantage6 - Part 2

Parking at Thornes Park Athletics Stadium is free, and entry to the show costs £6, with under 5 year olds getting in free (I'd imagine that's physical age, not mental age!) The show is open from 10am until 5pm on Saturday 13th of May.

If you're going to the show this year and would like to share your thoughts of the show with us, please get in touch!

Source: Wakefield Show

2 comments in the forums

A9 gets bluetooth

Posted by Andrew Duffell on 19:41, 3/4/2006 | , , , , ,
Bluetooth LogoAdvantage SixInfo have been in touch with news about the long awaited A9 computer that will run a 32bit version of RISC OS Adjust. The team at Advantage6 are now focusing on connectivity, and will be demonstrating a integrated bluetooth proof-of-concept at this years Wakefield Show.

A spokesman for A6 told us "Traditionally the Wakefield Show is where we take the opportunity to demonstrate the potential cross-overs between our OEM and the retail market. Although the body of the work has been done to meet specific OEM requirements, the core design is based on the same components as the A9home - and Advantage6 have retained the rights to this, meaning that - given sufficient demand - broader support could be developed and offered as an upgrade to existing A9home owners."
Link:Press Release

3 comments in the forums

Stu Loves You, Baby

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 14:59, 14/2/2006 | , , ,
Risc PC (two slices)In a previous posting I ventured the opinion that Stu didn't love you very much because the UniPod deal ended on February 13th. Well, he's extended the offer for another month due to popular demand, and in a press release entitled U'n'I Forever! (U'n'I - it's you and I, and Uni - geddit?) publicly restates his love for y'all, no doubt in a manly, non-Brokeback-Mountain sort of way.

Anyway, this means that the offer - a fully enabled UniPod for £125, saving £14 on the usual price - is on for the South West Show this coming Saturday. Be there, or... order over the 'phone or something.

Press Release
South West Show


13 comments in the forums

50,000 shares, Iyonix Select and a Belated Happy Birthday

Posted by Andrew Duffell on 18:00, 3/2/2006 | , , , , , , , , ,
ROL LogoRISCOS LtdInfo have been in touch detailing their achievements over the 8 years they have been trading, and have announced that a 50,000 ordinary share issue will take place soon.

In summary:

  • 6400 copies of RISC OS 4.02 sold with upgrade copies alone generating £370,000 (exc VAT) sales over the last 6 years.
  • Over 1900 copies of RISC OS 4 supplied in new computers from CastleInfo Technology, MicroDigitalInfo, RiscStationInfo and Advantage 6.
  • RISC OS 4.39 recently sold its 500th copy.
  • Sales of Virtual Acorn add "several thousand more copies to the total number of current RISC OS users"
Paul Middleton, MD of RISCOS Ltd also told us that "the personalised special offer for RISC OS 3.X and RISC OS 4.0X users who want to upgrade to RISC OS 4.39 is still available" although "It is NOT suitable for MicroDigital Mico users as those computers do not have the required ROM sockets."

At the 2004 RISCOS Ltd AGM it was agreed to issue 50,000 ordinary shares. ROL will be shortly issuing these, and ask anyone who is interested in investing to contact them. (details in the Press Release) Previously, ROL shares have been sold for around £1.25 each with 50 new investors allowed each year, so this share issue has the potential to raise more than £50,000.

Money raised from the share issue will be "used to fund further development of RISC OS 4 beyond the limits of the cashflow generated by sales of RISC OS "Select" subscriptions and RISC OS "Adjust" ROMs. It will also be used to fund the development and acquisition of complimentary technologies for RISC OS."

Paul Middleton also detailed that "The full launch of the A9 computer, and then Select 4, are currently targetted for around May this year", perhaps at the Wakefield show, "and once completed attention can be focussed on the Iyonix". However, despite meeting the 100 user pledge target for Iyonix Select Paul said that "the current level of pledges is insufficient to cover the full amount of work needed. It is likely therefore that the first stage will be a limited release of features to users who have continued with their Select subscriptions and who pay a supplement."

Press Release


5 comments in the forums

The Show *will* go on

Read article... | 10 comments in the forums

Cheaper ex-pun-sions from STDevel

Read article... | 1 comment in the forums

RISCOS Southwest

Read article... | 3 comments in the forums

Stuart Tyrrell's FANtastic Christmas offer

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Show! There's a show! Show happening! [updated^2]

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A9home beta program extended

Read article... | Comment in the forums
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