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The Icon Bar: News and features: Aemulor Pro revealed

Aemulor Pro revealed

Posted by Phil Mellor on 16:03, 27/2/2004 | , , , , , ,
Aemulor logoHere's another reason to visit the SW show on Saturday: a chance to put the all singing, all dancing Aemulor Pro through its paces.

Aemulor Pro will allow Iyonix users to run popular software titles like Lanman98, CDROMFS, CFS, Sibelius and many games and demos for the first time. This is thanks to some impressive new features: 26-bit sound (8-bit voice generators and 16-bit linear handlers), 26-bit filing systems, low colour screen modes (2,4 and 16 colours), non-native screen resolutions, support for IRQ/device handlers (OS_ClaimDeviceVector) and basic IRQ-related register emulation of IOC/IOMD. A new task display window will indicate which programs are being run under emulation, and the Aemulor team also claim faster performance.

If that isn't enough, future releases of Aemulor Pro will emulate the VIDC chip, facilitating more games to run, and use a JIT (Just In Time) compiler to dynamically produce XScale-optimised code.

Expect the release of Aemulor Pro sometime this quarter. The standard version will see a bug-fix and a few new features added at around the same time (no extra charge). The price:

Aemulor Pro: 99 + VAT
Upgrade to Pro for current Aemulor users: 35 + VAT
Upgrade for those who buy Aemulor after Pro is released: 49 + VAT
Aemulor (standard edition): 50 + VAT

  Aemulor Pro revealed
  ksattic (16:40 27/2/2004)
Simon Wilson Message #92796, posted by ksattic at 16:40, 27/2/2004
Finally, an avatar!

Posts: 1291
Wow, this is a great upgrade price! I'll be first in line!
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Aemulor Pro revealed