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The Icon Bar: News and features: New Feature: Media Watch

New Feature: Media Watch

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 12:48, 24/11/2000 |
After those mammoth press releases, here's a nice quick one - we've just added a new section where you can share any sightings of RISC OS related machinery in the media.

Access Media Watch here

  New Feature: Media Watch
  (14:24 24/11/2000)
  Tim Fountain (14:28 24/11/2000)
    mentat (14:42 24/11/2000)
mentat Message #88181, posted at 14:24, 24/11/2000
Unregistered user I can see this may lead to us all writing letters with sneaky RISC OS mentions to every publication in the world... ;-) What have you started !!!
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Tim Fountain Message #88182, posted at 14:28, 24/11/2000, in reply to message #88181
Unregistered user Subtle publication of the operating system ;)
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mentat Message #88183, posted at 14:42, 24/11/2000, in reply to message #88182
Unregistered user Ahh, it was all a clever ploy.. ;-)
I'll take up the challenge when I next have some free time.
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The Icon Bar: News and features: New Feature: Media Watch