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The Icon Bar: News and features: Phoebe cases on sale

Phoebe cases on sale

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 10:19, 12/8/2000 | , , ,
Mancunian RISC OS dealership CTA Direct are selling cases from the aborted Phoebe project, the computer Acorn designed to replace the RiscPC.

Love them or hate them, these brightly-coloured cases are proving very popular (with the first sale coming from Holland), so there's a first come, first served policy in operation. Although CTA have taken "all" of the cases - however many that may be - they are unboxed, and so it's unknown how many will be of salable quality, so when all the good ones are gone that's it.

The bright off-yellow cases were designed to attract attention, and visitors to the shop can see one of the cases in the window - although the impact has apparently been a little lessened by two years of "progress" in the computer industry, you still can't miss it.

You can contact CTA Direct by phone (01942 797777), fax (01942 797711) or email (sales@cta.u-net.com).

  Phoebe cases on sale
  (10:21 12/8/2000)
  Jason Tribbeck (07:50 5/9/2000)
rich Message #88069, posted at 10:21, 12/8/2000
Unregistered user It seems a bit sad and geeky that there should be so much fuss about a small part of a computer that never saw the light of day, and which ultimately may have sealed Acorn's fate.

Obviously mine arrives next week :)
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Jason Tribbeck Message #88070, posted at 07:50, 5/9/2000, in reply to message #88069
Unregistered user Well, mine turned up yesterday. The case had a couple of minor scratches, but it looks fine.

The main problem is that it can't be used to house a motherboard without alteration (but I didn't expect it to be anyway!). A RiscPC motherboard won't fit it because it's too long, and an ATX PC won't fit it either because again it's too long. I can feel some metalwork being exercised here ;-)

Also, there wasn't a yellow eject button for a floppy drive should I decide to fit one ;-)
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Phoebe cases on sale