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The Icon Bar: News and features: Podcasting for RISC OS

Podcasting for RISC OS

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 12:45, 16/7/2005 | , , , , ,
iPodPodcasting - basically, blogging in audio form, which can be listened to on an iPod etc. - is huge right now. So it's great to hear that Carlos Michael Santillan has released spc v0.02, a podcast client for RISC OS.

Now, this is not a simple install - you need wget (a standard Unix tool that downloads files from the Internet) and that Swiss Army Knife of programming languages, Perl. Then you need something to play the resulting playlist of MP3s - DigitalCD. And spc itself is a command line program, so you'll need Frontender II to make a desktop front end. All in all, not quite as simple as installing iTunes on the Mac or PC - but better than nothing, and a good place to start. Now, if only we had a freeware movie player that could handle video blogs too...

In case you're wondering, I've considered podcasting for the TIB site. It's just another RSS feed, which I like doing, but instead of linking to text stories, you get MP3s. Which is the sticking point. Is there enough news to podcast? Is the TIB staff that interesting to listen to? Would we all get too shy? Should it be a show special? Leave your comments!

Perl || wget || Frontender || DigitalCD
Wikipedia info on Podcasting:
English || NL || DE || FR || IT

  Podcasting for RISC OS
  flypig (11:07 17/7/2005)
  Revin Kevin (13:35 17/7/2005)
    rich (10:23 18/7/2005)
David Llewellyn-Jones Message #93706, posted by flypig at 11:07, 17/7/2005
Posts: 17
I'd like to see the occasional TIB podcast. Show specials sounds like a great idea, but how about interviews too? Just from scanning your current news items you could do Paul Vigay, Simon Wilson, Matt Edgar, Andrew Conroy and Peter Naulls.

Just a thought.
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Kevin Wells Message #93707, posted by Revin Kevin at 13:35, 17/7/2005, in reply to message #93706
Posts: 644
Interviews and show presentations etc would be good.
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Richard Goodwin Message #93708, posted by rich at 10:23, 18/7/2005, in reply to message #93707
Dictator for life
Posts: 6821
OK, well I'll see if I can work something out...
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Podcasting for RISC OS