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The Icon Bar: News and features: RISC OS London Show 2017 - Notes from the talks

RISC OS London Show 2017 - Notes from the talks

Posted by Mark Stephens on 18:03, 28/10/2017 |
BBC Media Preservation
The BBC had a special projects department to create games and graphics using Acorn kit for their shows. This became a external company called ROUND ONE. Preserving and restoring these machines and their software is the aim of the project. Machines needed some work to clean and restore and recover the software.
We saw several videos where BBC or RISC OS machines were used to provide graphics for shows such as Maggot Moments. The machines were also used on national lottery. Final home for collection will be Centre for Computing history in Cambridge.
CJE Micros
Chris started by updating us on news that Adrian Lees should have aemulor with pi3 and zpp support available very soon. There will be different versions for different machines. Adrian was actually at the show.
Chris recapped on recent developments already showcased (PhotoDesk 3.14, serial mice for older systems, pressure-sensitive graphics tablet for modern machines)
New launches since Wakefield are raspberryRO lite (based on pi desktop) and micro adapter for mice.
Chris commented that he was amazed to see some stuff on eBay going for more than on CJEmicros website.
At London show Chris mentioned version 2 of PiTop (with larger keyboard, full HDMI screen and redesign) . Getting technical documentation from PiTop has been ‘challenging’. New version is still being evaluated as some issues - like only available in green and US keyboard.
Recap on cjemicros range of desktop machines and different benefits.
Martin Wuerthner
Official release of Artworks 2.X3 with support to Titanium at show. There is also a new shape builder and eraser tool. Martin showed how easy it makes drawing shapes. He used it to take a bite from the iconic artworks apple. It can also be use to clip bitmap images. Background is transparent so you can put clipped image on different background.
Headline release is NetFetch 5 with support for SSL and spf. There are lots of enhancements for authentication handling with office365 and other providers.
There is a brand new version of the game Doom for new hardware with new music.
DualHead makes use of hardware support in Titanium for multi-monitor display. Latest release gives 2560x1440 on a single monitor. It can go higher on the right monitor.
OBrowser front end for Otter port provides a nice RISC OS front end. It is free to people who have invested in RISCOS Developments and as a way to raise money from others.
RISC OS Developments
Richard reprised his Wakefield talk and brought the story up to date. Lots of groundwork has been done. The front end for the existing Otter browser is a way to contribute. ROOL and development community are in the loop on plans.
RISC OS Open Ltd
Next release will be 5.24, with I new feature due and 4 known bugs to fix. Aiming to have a stable badge for different ports in future.
Bounty updates - EDID enhancements completed March, paint underway, usb 99% done.
Still open bounties, especially on networking, clipboard support and filing system updates, improvements to build tools, usb stack.
There is a general bounty which pays for behind the scenes.
RISC OS user guide is being updated. 56 of 62 chapters now done.
New basic reference manual after 25 years
New DDE 28 release (half price to existing owners).
Reminder on ePic release combining Nut Pi and OS on one card.
Sine Nomine Software with RISCOSbits
Sine Nomine showed off new contour data feature. Data just for UK at present from Ordanance Survey. You also get spot heights and tidal heights. Spotlight tool enhanced to use contours (ie select lines over 100m).
Showed off NASA data for Isle or Man
Nice demo using OSM to show map of Greenwich with trip details such as photos and altitude. Maps can be rotated.
Joint development with Riscos Bits running Wispy, which gives WiFi and Firefox browser. It does not currently work with open and unsecured networks. Runs Firefox in rdp client.
Rob Coleman introduced himself and showed off his new new graphics chip for BBC micro. He got back into the BBC computer in 2005 after 15 year gap and this project has evolved since then. Realised lots of upgrades but not in area of graphics. Inspired by Palettemate upgrade for BBC from Wild Vision. Summer 2016 built a breakout board to tap video ULA signal and interface with Altera MAX II epm570 cpld. This needed to convert beeb 5v to 3.3v.
Then he replicated existing BBC features, enhanced colours, added smooth scrolling, introduced attributes to give more colours in hires modes.
Prototype demonstrated at SW and Wakefield show. Lots of feedback and advice from stardot.
End result is totally backward compatible
Uses extended vdu19.
You can change platte of any existing software
Supported in b-em and b2emulators.
  RISC OS London Show 2017 - Notes from the talks
  davidb (12:20 3/11/2017)
  markee174 (08:26 4/11/2017)
  Leo (15:38 24/11/2017)
    davidb (12:55 25/11/2017)
      justice (21:18 6/12/2017)
    helpful (02:53 6/12/2017)
David Boddie Message #124203, posted by davidb at 12:20, 3/11/2017
Posts: 147
Thanks for writing this summary. Do you know if the talks were recorded, either as video or audio?
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Mark Stephens Message #124204, posted by markee174 at 08:26, 4/11/2017, in reply to message #124203
Does all the
work around here

Posts: 144
The equipment was all setup at the back so I would hope the videos will be released in sure course. The standard was really good and there is a nice mix of old favourites, a returning regular and some new faces.
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Leo White Message #124224, posted by Leo at 15:38, 24/11/2017, in reply to message #124203
Posts: 7
For anyone who's not spotted them the videos are available from https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdbtoCQ_z-HGVr6ekKuG1rzUN87IF2gSM

At some point I'm sure the website will be updated to point to them.

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David Boddie Message #124225, posted by davidb at 12:55, 25/11/2017, in reply to message #124224
Posts: 147
Thanks for making the videos available, Leo.

For future events, I wonder if the organisers could make it easier to record the audio directly from the microphones used by the presenters - it might lead to less background noise. Still, the noise is less than I've heard on videos from other events, so I think you've done a pretty good job trying to eliminate it. smile
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Bryan Hogan Message #124227, posted by helpful at 02:53, 6/12/2017, in reply to message #124224
Posts: 249
For anyone who's not spotted them the videos are available from https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdbtoCQ_z-HGVr6ekKuG1rzUN87IF2gSM

At some point I'm sure the website will be updated to point to them.
With apologies for the delay - http://www.riscoslondonshow.co.uk/media.php

The date of the next show is also on there, Saturday 27th October 2018 big smile

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Dave Lawton Message #124228, posted by justice at 21:18, 6/12/2017, in reply to message #124225
Posts: 40
I will echo David's thanks.
I also have a request.
Now I know that it's not the easiest of things to do, but please can we have a mic for the audience, for the q&a at the end of the talk, or alternatively, have the presenter repeat the question as posed by the member of the audience.

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The Icon Bar: News and features: RISC OS London Show 2017 - Notes from the talks