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The Icon Bar: News and features: RISC OS London Show Report 2018

RISC OS London Show Report 2018

Posted by Mark Stephens on 16:30, 27/10/2018 |
The 10th London show took place at its regular venue on Saturday 27th October (St Giles Hotel - Feltham, London). It was a warm and sunny autumn day (always a good start). The bridge next to the Show was closed this year which made the journey more complex...
Numbers were up this year and lots of exciting news in the talks. There was a lot of buzz in the air over the Open sourcing of RISC OS.
The show was run as usual by ROUGOL and their army of helpers who did an excellent job of making everything work to time faultlessly.
There is a separate report for the talks and a show in pictures article. In this report we will focus on the stands and the actual event.
There was wide range of stands at the show, summarised below.
RISC OS Open ltd had its usual range of software and nice Titanium video running. Steve Revill was onhand to answer questions about the license changes recently announced.
Sine Nomine were walking people through the options on the new style editor for RiscOSM and answering questions on impact and their other software.
Softrock had its complete range of software, hardware cases for PI and free chocolates.
RPCemu had the latest release running various versions of RISC OS (up to 6) on several different spec PCs
3rd event had a large selection of music keyboards and other hardware for its AMCS sound sequencing software.
There were several stands running games and music on a range of BBC machines. Tricky gaming had some new games, BooBip had some hardware upgrades for BBC machines, ABUG had lots of machines to play with and there was also a Doomsday machine and to play with and also machines from the BBC media preservation project. Rob Coleman had his VideoNuLA card for BBC.
The charity stand had a large collection of stuff to riffle through for a bargain.
Drag'n'Drop has a new book of arcade games listing to add to its growing range which was all available on the stand. The autumn release of the magazine is due 'any day'.
Organizer had an updated version of the software of a stick and the recent 2.28 release. They were again asking for your ideas for new features you would like to see in the software.
Chris Hall had his hardware projects and family tree software. He had some new hardware to provide data logging and give realtime input.
Orpheus were talking about their recent success crowd-sourcing project. Richard Brown also had his RISC OS Developments hat on and able to update visitors on their purchase/relicensing of RISC OS as well as the bounties and Browser project. Sweets were also being given away.
Steve Fryatt had his free software (available on CD) and was showing Cashbook 1.40 (released in April).
Risky Robots had a selection of hardware robots on their stand.
RISC OS bits had the usual selection of interestingly named hardware including some very nice Pi cases.
Aemulor and Geminus were being demoed by Adrian Lees who was also talking about the new hardware acceleration.
Amcog games had their full range on show and were explaining how the software was created and put together.
Both R-Comp and CJE Micro's had their full ranges available. Details on what was new in the talks.
ROUGOL were giving details of upcoming meetings. Richard Brown is talking in November if you want to quiz him on recent events.
Archive were taking orders for the latest compilation and had a selection of recent editions to take away.
Steve Drain was explaining how to setup and use Basault and his other software and hardware projects.
Show in pictures article
  RISC OS London Show Report 2018
  flibble (15:13 31/10/2018)
  Stoppers (19:17 31/10/2018)
    flibble (21:26 31/10/2018)
      Stoppers (09:06 1/11/2018)
      helpful (22:05 1/11/2018)
Peter Howkins Message #124367, posted by flibble at 15:13, 31/10/2018

Posts: 891
"Numbers were up this year" [citation needed]
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Simon Willcocks Message #124368, posted by Stoppers at 19:17, 31/10/2018, in reply to message #124367
Posts: 302
They were put up on a board. smile
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Peter Howkins Message #124369, posted by flibble at 21:26, 31/10/2018, in reply to message #124368

Posts: 891
Visitor numbers were down, by 1! 98 this year vs 99 last year. Make of that what you will.
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Simon Willcocks Message #124370, posted by Stoppers at 09:06, 1/11/2018, in reply to message #124369
Posts: 302
Visitor numbers were down, by 1! 98 this year vs 99 last year. Make of that what you will.
I knew I should have made the effort!
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Bryan Hogan Message #124372, posted by helpful at 22:05, 1/11/2018, in reply to message #124369
Posts: 252
Visitor numbers were down, by 1!
Paying visitors.

More interestingly, there were 88 people in the RISC OS Dev talk and just a few less in the ROOL one.
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The Icon Bar: News and features: RISC OS London Show Report 2018