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The Icon Bar: News and features: The Acorn name will live on... and on... and on...

The Acorn name will live on... and on... and on...

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 11:52, 19/3/2001 | , ,
This in from "The" Paul Vigay, our favourite tech support bloke and staunch RISC OS supporter. After noticing that the domain name acorn.co.uk had expired, he made enquiries into grabbing hold of it. Slight problem however in the reply from Nominet...
The Internet Domain Name acorn.co.uk is a pre-Nominet registration. This means it was registered before August 1996 with the UK Naming Committee, Nominet UK's predecessor as the manager of the .uk Top Level Domain. Domain Name registrations made at this time were not subject to renewal, therefore the Domain Name will run until it is cancelled by the Legal Registrant.
Technically, does the legal registrant even exist any more? Certainly it doesn't seem like anyone's going to be cancelling their subscription any time soon. However, there may be a solution - just not RSN:
...there are discussions about bringing pre-Nominet registrations into line with the current Terms and Conditions of Nominet UK, but nothing definitive has come from this.

Source: Paul Vigay

  The Acorn name will live on... and on... and on...
  (13:05 20/3/2001)
  Richard Goodwin (16:48 20/3/2001)
Andrew Poole Message #88384, posted at 13:05, 20/3/2001
Unregistered user So.. Should nominet know that Acorn no longer exists and should be erased?

Then again.. looking at a WHOIS on acorn.co.uk, it is owned by Element 14, perhaps you should talk to them?

I see acorn.com has gone to the 'Acorn Technology Fund' - anything to do with RISC OS or the original Acorn?

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Richard Goodwin Message #88385, posted at 16:48, 20/3/2001, in reply to message #88384
Unregistered user See the thread in the forum, but from rumours I've heard someone knows someone that can get hold of it...
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The Icon Bar: News and features: The Acorn name will live on... and on... and on...