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The Icon Bar: News and features: Wakefield 2003 show report

Wakefield 2003 show report

Posted by Phil Mellor on 01:00, 2/7/2003 | , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
The latest from our roving show reporter...

The queue

Sent 10 May 2003 09:54:45 by Phil Mellor
The queue We're here and we're early. Time to join the queue. Surprisingly for up north It's sunny! A good omen.

The alpha laptop

Sent 10 May 2003 11:24:22 by Phil Mellor
The alpha laptop The new portable from microdigital. 2ghz celeron running a form of virtual acorn and select.


Sent 10 May 2003 11:30:16 by Phil Mellor
Fast The production quality omega. On arm twistdr on display - but it should be delivered in weeks rather than months. David atkins didn't want to show their nearly finished version because of rumour mongering.

The crowds

Sent 10 May 2003 11:43:45 by Phil Mellor
The crowds It's getting more busy now. Lots of people still turning up. A good positive atmosphere so far.

Select 3

Sent 10 May 2003 11:50:25 by Phil Mellor
Select 3 Running the latest build. An omega was also seen on the stand with it. Thumbnail filer seems fast. Not tried the transparent sprites yet. Very impressive.

The opposition

Sent 10 May 2003 11:55:27 by Phil Mellor
The opposition Tapping in a witty drobe report with a palm and stylus. Slow going?


Sent 10 May 2003 12:08:23 by Phil Mellor
Castle Card reader running on an iyonix. John ballance demonstrates the printers. The pop up software pops up!

Omega progress

Sent 10 May 2003 13:18:46 by Phil Mellor
Omega progress The sound works, networking and other pci cards to come. Hardware acceleration will speed up standard os plots and sprites.


Sent 10 May 2003 13:37:34 by Phil Mellor
Artworks2 Martin serves the long queue of artworks 2 customers.


Sent 10 May 2003 13:30:01 by Phil Mellor
Theatre The show theatre. Currently simtec are demonstrating their usb devices. Usb radio, cameras, media and more. A pen drive from someone in the audience was tried but didn't work. Standards eh?

Eggs beans and spam

Sent 10 May 2003 13:48:15 by Phil Mellor
Eggs beans and spam Spellings can stop you getting this.

Select on an omega

Sent 10 May 2003 14:12:01 by Phil Mellor
Select on an omega Yes, it works. The image file renderer may be extended to cover text formats in the future. Some applications like stronged don't work with the writeable icon but and paste, and impression doesn't use the custom icons but mostly It's seamless. On the website next weekend, hopefully.

Acorn user

Sent 10 May 2003 14:26:34 by Phil Mellor
Acorn user Steve turnbull wonders where his editor has got to.

The charity stand

Sent 10 May 2003 14:54:34 by Phil Mellor
The charity stand Lots of stuff, big pile of a3020s and some bbcs. Not so much good software this year

Stuart tyrrell developments

Sent 10 May 2003 15:14:18 by Phil Mellor
Stuart tyrrell developments Lots of usb gadgets from the man himself. A god few pounds off with the show prices too.

Webster xl

Sent 10 May 2003 15:33:02 by Phil Mellor
Webster xl That looks familiar... Not as quick as oregano, but that runs on an iyonix and still feels a little sluggish.

David holden

Sent 10 May 2003 15:49:18 by Phil Mellor
David holden Winner of the best beard award.

And the winner is...

Sent 10 May 2003 15:59:19 by Phil Mellor
And the winner is... This man from reading. He's won an omega! Apparently he was one of the first in the queue to buy an iyonix at the south east show. Is he the only person in the world to own two different new risc os computers?

Binary dinosaur

Sent 10 May 2003 16:07:00 by Phil Mellor
Binary dinosaur Mr witchy shows off his Domesday system.

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The Icon Bar: News and features: Wakefield 2003 show report