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The Icon Bar: News and features: RISC OS 'Advent' Calendar 2023 - Amcog Games

RISC OS 'Advent' Calendar 2023 - Amcog Games

Posted by Mark Stephens on 08:37, 21/12/2023 | ,

A screenshot and a great new game from Amcog!


Here is a picture of two of my RISC OS setups in the office.

Picture 1 shows 6 Raspberry Pis surrounding a BBC Micro, an Elesar keyboard and a SoftRock Pi case.

The second picture shows Izu my cat (who does occasional QA for the games) and an ARM X6. Notice the Iyonix nestled under the desk.

Both pictures show my latest project: TIMERUN. Which is now available for download from !Store. There are a few improvements over the version sold at the recent MUG XMAS Market. It features 4 original music tracks, sound effects via RDSP and lots of retro style action. Great for nostalgia (A possible Christmas present perhaps?)

  RISC OS 'Advent' Calendar 2023 - Amcog Games
  nytrex (15:47 21/12/2023)
Alan Robertson Message #125562, posted by nytrex at 15:47, 21/12/2023
Posts: 101
Anyone with a BBC Micro nestled in their everyday computers is alright with me! Kudos.
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The Icon Bar: News and features: RISC OS 'Advent' Calendar 2023 - Amcog Games