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The Icon Bar: News and features: New releases

New releases

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 10:11, 25/1/2002 | , , , , ,
Mr. The Vigay told me about it, and Drobe have it up as news, so I went ahead and called Castle - yes, Castle Technology Ltd. have 100baseT network cards up on their website. There's not a lot of detail - name and price basically - but I decided to order one anyway. They'll ship in February, or basically when they arrive, and come in both RiscPC NIC and standard podule formats. Apparently the podule version is slightly faster though, which is what I went for in the end. Prices appear to be the same as the old 10bT ones.

And Insignia has now been released by Cerilica. As previously reported Insignia is a very cool logo creation program which allows you to do all sorts of weird and wonderful things to text such as texturing, halftoning, lens flares and the like. There's even a demo version on the website. P.T. Vigay even has a competition on his website to win a copy.
  New releases
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Guest Message #89963, posted at 16:58, 28/1/2002, in reply to message #89962
Unregistered user Chill winston... phew!

PS. I don't have a 10baseT card. (-relevance)
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Guest Message #89964, posted at 23:03, 28/1/2002, in reply to message #89963
Unregistered user Ah, I don't do normal FTP or POP3, as it tends to suffer from the same problems as telnet, which is why I run IMAPS and FTPS :)
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The Icon Bar: News and features: New releases