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The Icon Bar: News and features: Not in any way related to copyright

Not in any way related to copyright

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 16:16, 20/2/2002 | , , , , , ,
If like me you're looking for something new to read, here are a few links to entertain you.

XScale - the second generation StrongARM chip - has been in the news recently, with a story tracing its lineage back to Acorn, and another about its debut in Tokyo (thanks to Rupert Woolger for the links).

Not sure if this really constitutes RISC OS news, but ROX (RISC OS on X) has reached version 1.2.0 and got its second mention on Slashdot. This project brings a RISC OS-style filer interface to Linux machines.

Looking for a unique gift, or wanting a fun project to play with? APDL/ProAction software have whispered in eKits Online's shell-like and can now offer a make your own clock kit suitable for use under RISC OS. "Choose from a wide selection of templates and clock elements. Combine them and add your own images if you wish. Alternatively, design your clock from scratch using the clock templates. Square, ellipse, star and other shaped templates are included. [Then] Simply follow the numbered stages to produce your finished working clock!" Groovy! Contact APDL on 020 8778 2659 or at 39 Knighton Park Road, Sydenham, London SE26.

And R-Comp have released a "Network in a Box" solution. This gives you pretty much everything you need to build a small network of RISC OS and PC machines including RiscPC and PC NICs, hub / printer server / 10/100 switch, cables and plenty of documentation. R-Comp are on (+44) 01925 755043 or at 22 Robert Moffat, High Legh, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 6PS.

Tired of loading a web browser to view your RISC OS news? Well, you may not have noticed but certain websites - this one, Acorn Arcade, My RISC OS and RISCOS.org - are sporting RDF and RSS format data files. This is partly because I've been playing with Justin Fletcher's !RSS that My RISC OS posted about a while back. It's a bit of a desktop silly - it displays the news headlines in speech bubbles, and clicking on it to load the full article spawns a page in your web browser - but I like it! :)
(tibRSS, aaRSS, myroRSS, roRDF)

Finally, don't forget The RISCOS Southwest Show - Saturday 2nd March 2002 at The Webbington Hotel, Loxton, nr Axbridge, North Somerset. More details can be found on their website. There, you can't accuse me of not giving you enough advanced warning this time ;)

  Not in any way related to copyright
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Guest Message #90332, posted at 20:28, 1/3/2002, in reply to message #90331
Unregistered user Dunno what the devil you're talking about. Works fine in Linux. Works fine in IE. Works fine in Fresco. Works fine in Oregano. Works fine in everything I can get hold of.
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Guest Message #90333, posted at 09:41, 2/3/2002, in reply to message #90332
Unregistered user RSS doesn't work. It asks for a HTTP module which I've not got.


You'd think the Help file would tell you were to get this if it needs it!

Silly program!
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Richard Goodwin Message #90334, posted at 10:18, 2/3/2002, in reply to message #90333
Unregistered user I thought it was one of the standard toolbox modules?
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Guest Message #90335, posted at 17:39, 2/3/2002, in reply to message #90334
Unregistered user No. It's not a toolbox module. Silly.
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Richard Walker Message #90336, posted at 21:23, 2/3/2002, in reply to message #90335
Unregistered user It's one of Acorn's fetcher modules that was supplied with Browse (and possibly Java, and maybe even InterTalk). It is not freely re-distributable. I also don't think it comes with RISC OS 4, so plenty of people will NOT have it.
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Richard Goodwin Message #90337, posted at 22:09, 2/3/2002, in reply to message #90336
Unregistered user Hmmm... you're right, I've been poking around the RISC OS downloads (ROL and Acorn sections) and the only URL directory modules available are URL and File :(
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Matthew Somerville Message #90338, posted at 17:01, 4/3/2002, in reply to message #90337
Unregistered user The HTTP module and others are available in the RO4/RO3.7 downloads from the Oregano support page:
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Not in any way related to copyright