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The Icon Bar: News and features: UniPod upgrades for only 1 pound[*]

UniPod upgrades for only 1 pound[*]

Posted by Andrew Duffell on 22:46, 19/7/2004 | ,
[*]Well... almost... there is a catch

Purchase a UniPod with USB functionality for UKP99
Add an Epson 1660 Photo scanner for UKP179
... and get David Pilling's scanner drivers free.
... and also get David Pilling's scanning software free as well.
... and get your UniPod upgraded with NET100 functionality for only UKP1
... and get your UniPod upgraded with IDE as well for only UKP1 more!

Total pack price UKP280 inc VAT and carriage.

This offer is also open to existing UniPod customers who don't have a completely unlocked card - add an Epson 1660 scanner and buy unlocks for only UKP1 each!

  UniPod upgrades for only 1 pound[*]
  ksattic (23:05 19/7/2004)
  ad (23:45 19/7/2004)
Simon Wilson Message #93130, posted by ksattic at 23:05, 19/7/2004
Finally, an avatar!

Posts: 1291
You haven't saved the article.

Thing about it.

I'll get my coat.

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Andrew Duffell Message #93131, posted by ad at 23:45, 19/7/2004, in reply to message #93130

Posts: 3256
lol Yes... that might be a good idea ;)
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The Icon Bar: News and features: UniPod upgrades for only 1 pound[*]