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The Icon Bar: News and features: The Show *will* go on

The Show *will* go on

Posted by Andrew Duffell on 22:34, 1/2/2006 | , , , , ,
Earlier today Chris Hughes from WROCC informed us that a Wakefield show will be taking place this year.

The Wakefield Show VenueThere are a few changes from previous years however, which is "primarily down to real world economics". It's only on the one day (Saturday 13th) for starters; there will be reduced signage (near the venue rather than from the Motorways) and no shuttle bus from the railway station; the theatre will be smaller due to work in the building; even the caterers are different. But one thing that won't change is the price, despite increased operating costs.

Tickets will cost:
Advance: 5 pounds
On the Day: 6 pounds
Under 6's FREE
Advanced tickets will be available from April, and advance credit card tickets will be available.

Exhibitors at the show will include:

  • Advantage 6 / Stuart Tyrrell Developments
  • APDL
  • 3QD (Virtual Acorn)
  • M W Software
  • R-Comp / RCI
  • Spellings Computer Services
  • Charity Stall
Oh, and absolutely, positively no bulky items like computers and monitors on the charity stall this year - despite a similar rule last year, the organisers were left will a clean up bill when 40 PCs were dumped on them. Your thoughts on a meeting place where, for instance, people can swap such items amongst themselves are welcomed.

The event will be held on Saturday 13th May at the now familiar venue of Thornes Park Athletics Stadium and will be open to the public between 10 am and 5 pm. Full details and a theatre timetable will be announced nearer the show date.

Press Release
Wakefield Show Website
Coverage of the 2005 show
Wakefield 2006 show page


  The Show *will* go on
  rich (23:16 1/2/2006)
  ad (14:19 2/2/2006)
    pvigay (16:17 2/2/2006)
      rich (16:22 2/2/2006)
        Wakeman (00:13 3/2/2006)
          arawnsley (11:37 3/2/2006)
            rich (16:23 3/2/2006)
              pvigay (18:15 3/2/2006)
                Loris (17:50 6/2/2006)
                  rich (15:34 7/2/2006)
Richard Goodwin Message #94098, posted by rich at 23:16, 1/2/2006
Dictator for life
Posts: 6828
Glad you posted it, the email was addressed to you and I didn't want to break the embargo ;)
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Andrew Duffell Message #94099, posted by ad at 14:19, 2/2/2006, in reply to message #94098

Posts: 3262
I look forward to the show, but hope that my University doesn't schedule a exam on the same day like they did last year. It was a right hassle travelling to Newcastle, and the back down to Wakefield for the afternoon.
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Paul Vigay Message #94100, posted by pvigay at 16:17, 2/2/2006, in reply to message #94099

Posts: 200
It's a shame that it's only one day. I wonder how many exhibitors like myself will be unable to attend, being too far away to justify double the costs. :(
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Richard Goodwin Message #94101, posted by rich at 16:22, 2/2/2006, in reply to message #94100
Dictator for life
Posts: 6828
It should cost less - you don't have to book an overnight hotel (or drive home and back) for starters!
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Chris Message #94102, posted by Wakeman at 00:13, 3/2/2006, in reply to message #94101
Posts: 1
In reply to pvigay:

I would happily do a two day event, but many exhibitors would not be there and you would need to give us the several thousands of pounds needed to open on the Sunday.

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Andrew Rawnsley Message #94103, posted by arawnsley at 11:37, 3/2/2006, in reply to message #94102
R-Comp chap
Posts: 596
Paul, how are you figuring double costs? You still have to drive there and back, but this time you don't have to cover extra accommodation and food etc. When Wakefield was 1 day a couple of years back (if memory serves) takings were near enough the same, so actually for long-distance people 1 day is probably going to be financially BETTER!
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Richard Goodwin Message #94104, posted by rich at 16:23, 3/2/2006, in reply to message #94103
Dictator for life
Posts: 6828
I think he's factoring in a hotel stay whether there's a second day or not - as he'd probably be knackered after a full show day or something, and a 4-5 hour drive back to Hampshire probably isn't going to be fun. I pointed out he could probably stay over with friends somewhere nearer.
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Paul Vigay Message #94105, posted by pvigay at 18:15, 3/2/2006, in reply to message #94104

Posts: 200
Double-costs would involve the same amount of petrol/travelling for one day as for two, and as it's a 5 hour drive each way, I factored in two nights hotel (on Friday and Saturday) as I generally drive home after the Show on Sundays anyway, as it closes earlier.
If I bring an assistant with me, then that's two hotel rooms for two nights.
Last year I probably gained about 2/3rds of sales on Saturday and about 1/3rd on Sunday, so it did make a difference exhibiting two days - although I guess a few of the people who visited on Saturday and then came back to sign up on Sunday would probably sign up on Saturday if it was only a single day show - but I'm still left with generally requiring two nights accomodation, which tends to form the bulk of my expenses.
Perhaps I ought to save up for a camper van? ;-)
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Tony Haines Message #94106, posted by Loris at 17:50, 6/2/2006, in reply to message #94105
madbanHa ha, me mine, mwahahahaha
Posts: 1025
The Vigay Mystery Machine?
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Richard Goodwin Message #94107, posted by rich at 15:34, 7/2/2006, in reply to message #94106
Dictator for life
Posts: 6828
LOL! ^ THIS! Do it now!

It'd be fantastic to see that pootling around crop circle sites!

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The Icon Bar: News and features: The Show *will* go on