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The Icon Bar: News and features: 5 RISC OS gift ideas for your Christmas wishlist

5 RISC OS gift ideas for your Christmas wishlist

Posted by Mark Stephens on 10:10, 14/12/2019 |
Christmas is almost here and you should be finishing off your wishlist. To help you, The Icon Bar has come with some RISC OS related suggestions.
Some RISC OS themed kit... It seems RISC OS is no longer just about software - it's a lifestyle brand! You can buy mugs from ROD (read our in depth review) and wear RISC OS on your sleeve with some shirts from ROOL.
A new case for your RaspberryPi... There are lots of flash cases and stickers out there including mini RiscPC and Phoebe cases to give your Pi a new look. Have a look at RISCOSbits for some cool cases and skins or SoftRock for some ideas to start you off.
A new laptop.... R-Comp launched its new ARMBook laptop (a proper RISC OS laptop based on the successful PineBook) this year.
Games to fill the long winter nights... A good starting point is the increasing range from Amcog games. Read our review of their latest game Star Mine.
Make a donation to the bounties scheme If you are feeling more altrusitic, the ROOL bounties scheme is dragging RISC OS kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. You can contribute to make it happen. Or maybe this is one for your New Years resolutions.
Please let us know your ideas/suggestions.
  5 RISC OS gift ideas for your Christmas wishlist
  Philip52 (08:06 15/12/2019)
  markee174 (09:11 15/12/2019)
    Philip52 (07:30 16/12/2019)
      VincceH (07:53 16/12/2019)
  arawnsley (11:47 15/12/2019)
Philip Green Message #124659, posted by Philip52 at 08:06, 15/12/2019
Posts: 4
I contacted RISC OS Developments Ltd for a mug and was told they need to have a new batch made.
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Mark Stephens Message #124660, posted by markee174 at 09:11, 15/12/2019, in reply to message #124659
Posts: 57
Probably have a new release at South West Show
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Andrew Rawnsley Message #124661, posted by arawnsley at 11:47, 15/12/2019, in reply to message #124659
R-Comp chap
Posts: 521
I believe they can be made to order, but the problem is shipping them securely to avoid breakage. We normally only do them at shows for that reason.

If you're OK paying for secure shipping, then I'd imagine there wouldn't be too much of a problem, but these things are often price-sensitive.
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Philip Green Message #124662, posted by Philip52 at 07:30, 16/12/2019, in reply to message #124660
Posts: 4
I just checked the
RISC OS Events Calendar <http://www.timil.com/riscos/calendar/>
(link from last night's ANS newsletter).
That shows two different dates for the South West show in februari 2020.

That's a bit late for my Christmas wish list.
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VinceH Message #124663, posted by VincceH at 07:53, 16/12/2019, in reply to message #124662
Lowering the tone since the dawn of time

Posts: 1598
The correct one is 22nd February: https://www.riscository.com/calendar/

The 2019 show was held on 16th February, so my guess is Tim probably put it into the calendar as recurring each year, so Google Calendar will automatically show one on the same date each year unless stopped.
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The Icon Bar: News and features: 5 RISC OS gift ideas for your Christmas wishlist