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The Icon Bar: News and features: News round up

News round up

Posted by Phil Mellor on 00:03, 16/7/2004 | , , , ,
News roundupSteve Fryatt has made Thomas Leonard's clipboard utilities 32 bit compatible. IcnClibBrd allows the global clipboard to be used in writable icons on the desktop, while the Clipboard application lets the filer interact with the clipboard.

John Pearson has added some new features to his carousel viewer called ShowJpeg, such as looping and root directory selection.

SpamStamp reaches version 0.17 with an important bug fix and some new enhancements. SpamStamp uses bayesian filters to detect junk mail.

StarGate from Michael Gerbracht allows system variables to be set from an iconbar icon.

Nat Queen has updated Stealth. The new version comes in two flavours - one for RISC OS 5 and Virtual Acorn systems, another for everything else. Stealth is designed to defeat any authorities who may demand access to your encrypted data, by combining strong encryption with steganography.

Virtual Acorn users can now transfer data more easily between the emulated RISC OS and the host Windows OS using WinClip from Michael Borcherds. Conversion between Drawfiles and EMF, Sprites and BMPs, and text, is possible. It's available from here and requires RSTools to run.

Finally, Melotech are looking for RISC OS software developers capable of writing high quality WYSIWYG design software.

If you've written something yourself drop us a line to get it included in the next roundup, and add it to our new/updated software lists on the right of this page.

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The Icon Bar: News and features: News round up