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The Icon Bar: News and features: ROUGOL & London Show news

ROUGOL & London Show news

Posted by Jeffrey Lee on 19:15, 13/9/2015 | , , ,
Bryan Hogan of ROUGOL has got in touch to let us know the details of some upcoming events.

RISC OS Open at this month's ROUGOL meeting - Monday 21st September

First up is news that Rob Sprowson will at this month's ROUGOL meeting, talking about all the things that ROOL have been up to recently, and some of their plans for the future. The meeting is due to start at 7:45 PM at the groups usual hangout of the Blue Eyed Maid pub in London SE1. Admittance is free.

For more details of the event and venue, make sure to check out the ROUGOL website.

RISC OS London Show 2015 - Saturday 24th October

The second bit of news is that this years London Show is due to take place on the 24th of October, at the usual location of the St. Giles Hotel in Feltham. The show runs from 11 AM to 5 PM, with tickets being 5 at the door (and under-16's free). Details of the theatre presentations are yet to be announced, but so far there are 25 exhibitors confirmed as taking part, and the list is still growing. Highlights this year are likely to be:

Remember to check the show website for all the latest details.
  ROUGOL & London Show news
  helpful (04:08 18/10/2015)
  helpful (21:32 19/10/2015)
    glavallin (01:18 23/10/2015)
      helpful (03:09 23/10/2015)
Bryan Hogan Message #123724, posted by helpful at 04:08, 18/10/2015
Posts: 244
The show is next Saturday!

Get there early (and why wouldn't you?) for a free copy of Hack Circus magazine with every ticket, until we run out!

Warning - may include BBC BASIC big smile
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Bryan Hogan Message #123725, posted by helpful at 21:32, 19/10/2015, in reply to message #123724
Posts: 244
More show news:

Paul Fellows, ex-Acornsoft and part of the team that developed Arthur/RISC OS, will be a guest speaker in the show theatre. Hear all about how RISC OS came into being.

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Geoff Lavallin Message #123727, posted by glavallin at 01:18, 23/10/2015, in reply to message #123725
Posts: 44
For those who cannot be there I hope there will be a video made available.
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Bryan Hogan Message #123728, posted by helpful at 03:09, 23/10/2015, in reply to message #123727
Posts: 244
The theatre talks will be filmed as usual. Keep an eye on the show website for announcements when they are available.

Follow @burrBeep for live tweets from a Beeb at the show!

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The Icon Bar: News and features: ROUGOL & London Show news