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The Icon Bar: News and features: NET100 card announced

NET100 card announced

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 09:19, 3/3/2002 | , , , , ,
Now for news on the "100Mb network card for RISC PC and A7000 computers" - no, not the Castle one, another one!
In collaboration with CTA Direct, R-Comp Interactive and Stuart Tyrrell Developments, Simtec Electronics have produced a 100Mb network card for RISC PC and A7000 computers.

Development of an ISA variant, suitable for the RiscStation R7500 is now complete and the NIC variant, suitable for the RISC PC and A7000, is nearing completion and will be available soon.

This partnership brings together the design and manufacturing skills of Simtec and the expertise in network configuration and cross platform integration currently offered by CTA, RCI and Stuart Tyrrell Developments.

The interface will be available from CTA, RCI and Stuart Tyrrell Developments and will cost ukp 69.00 excluding VAT and postage. The total cost including VAT and postage should be in the region of ukp 89.00
I can see why CTA and Simtec teamed up with the Riscstation angle, and Simtec with Stuart Tyrrell isn't a big shock either; and RComp do sell quite a few networking-related products such as the network in a box stuff, and a new server version of Messenger so a RiscPC can pick up your mail and serve it to a whole network; but having all four team up together on a project, well, it shows an amount of cooperation uncommon in the RISC OS world, and all power to them for that. From what I can gather they reckon that their version should be technically superior and hopefully will appear before that other one, which is already overdue.
  NET100 card announced
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Guest Message #90369, posted at 12:12, 7/3/2002, in reply to message #90368
Unregistered user The discussion isn't about compairing the LAN chipset in the RiscStation to the chipsets used on RiscPC NICs, either. Are we getting a little hot under the collar?
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mark quint Message #90370, posted at 16:02, 7/3/2002, in reply to message #90369
Unregistered user So why bring up the RiscStation then 'guest'?
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The Icon Bar: News and features: NET100 card announced