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The Icon Bar: News and features: Catch-up


Posted by Richard Goodwin on 15:45, 6/9/2002 | , , , , , , ,
I've been playing catch-up all week after going to London to sort the outage, so I've missed posting quite a bit of news. Hopefully this blast will make up for it:

Simtec USB cards available now for 79 quid ex-VAT - how are those ADSL drivers coming along Jase? :)... Check out the Omega in Scotland tomorrow (September 7th) courtesy of Liquid Silicon. Final specs, price and even packaging have been announced... LogosWord now have the New American Standard Bible (NASB) in a new module, including references, translation notes and Greek & Hebrew/Aramaic lexicons, for around 25 UKP... eQ labs have released a scarily usable preview copy of RISC OS RDP software: use NT (including XP) machines from your Acorn, kind of like VNC only faster... John Kortink throwing dummy out of pram or asserting the right to control support of his product? You decide... Justice FM: with added RISC OS-iness, but the current site recommends you get a free upgrade to the latest version of a modern browser such as Netscape 7, Mozilla, Opera or Internet Explorer 6. Chocky, help! :)

Oh, and I forgot to mention a while back that Paul didn't get to Hollywood in the end: he got to Gatwick airport but he didn't have enough money on any one credit card for the ticket and wasn't allowed to split the money over multiple cards. He did have a live satellite linkup with an American TV show that week though, has been invited on the Laura Lee show as a special guest, and is currently pursuing another film project... And if you're bored of reading about Paul, I've just seen that Mark Moxon (ex-Acorn User editor) has a whole fan club devoted to him. As a travel writer I guess he doesn't have the same problem getting 'plane tickets...

  knutson (21:28 6/9/2002)
Steve K Message #91264, posted by knutson at 21:28, 6/9/2002
Posts: 1
Cool an RDP Client. I run a network with 170 thin client computers that connect to servers using RDP. Now I can use my RISCPC to work remotely :-)

RDP would be a great addition to the SLYM Thin Client computers. Not all of us can afford Citrix and RDP on Windows 2000 Terminal Services is actually very good.

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The Icon Bar: News and features: Catch-up