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The Icon Bar: News and features: Media Watch: RISCWorld details Select32 for IYONIX [Updated]

Media Watch: RISCWorld details Select32 for IYONIX [Updated]

Posted by Andrew Duffell on 11:46, 9/6/2005 | , , , , , , ,
The latest edition of CD based magazine RISCWorld will be "hitting doormats all over the civilised world (and Bracknell)" this week according to Aaron Timbrell.

The latest version is reported to be an exciting one because it contains details of Select32 running on an IYONIX for a short period of time on APDLs stand at Wakefield, which we failed to spot. Apparently, the beta version of Select32 worked on Paul Middleton's (ROL MD) IYONIX, but David Holden had problems with it on his so ran RISC OS 5 for most of the show.

Also in the latest issue of RISCWorld is a Forth Dimension flight sim CD review, VirtualAcorn technical column, and a free copy of SiteWriterb - the WYSIWYG website designer.

Update: Paul Middleton of RISC OS Ltd has told us "Officially we are not yet committed to Select for Iyonix, but obviously a large part of the work has been done for the A9Home. Some of the features have been tested on Iyonix, but there won't be any full commitment to a specific Iyonix version until we have the required level of subscribers. i.e at least 100 new subscribers who are not already Select subscribers signing up for it."

Link: RISCWorld

  Media Watch: RISCWorld details Select32 for IYONIX [Updated]
  hubersn (18:41 10/6/2005)
  ams (19:02 10/6/2005)
    ad (20:27 10/6/2005)
      Q (10:47 11/6/2005)
        ams (13:20 11/6/2005)
          sa110_mk (23:58 11/6/2005)
            ams (14:37 12/6/2005)
              sa110_mk (12:34 13/6/2005)
                Q (16:37 13/6/2005)
                  hubersn (12:17 14/6/2005)
Steffen Huber Message #93664, posted by hubersn at 18:41, 10/6/2005
Posts: 91
Looks like Paul Middleton does not like the idea of an IYONIX Select version. Why else would he introduce a purely artifical "at least 100 new subscribers" barrier? He should really know that rather a lot of IYONIX users have kept their Select subscriptions alive just to support RO Ltd. despite receiving close to nothing for it, in the hope of getting at least parts of Select for their IYONIX.

Time for the IYONIX users to cancel their subscription I guess. The newly found spirit of cooperation in late 2004 (if it ever existed outside of press releases) seems to have completely vanished.

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Annraoi Message #93665, posted by ams at 19:02, 10/6/2005, in reply to message #93664
Posts: 56
I wonder if there were 100 extra Select subscribers for the A9 before ROL decided to commit to it ?

I own an Iyonix and have never had a Select subscription and I am afraid I am not now inclined to. RO5 *is* being updated, it *does* work and I am happy enough with it (it also costs *nothing*).

So as far as I am concerned ROL should be trying to convince *me* that Select is a good idea and not putting up (as Steffen said) an arbitrary barrier.

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Andrew Duffell Message #93666, posted by ad at 20:27, 10/6/2005, in reply to message #93665

Posts: 3262
I can see this from both points of views. Yes, it is pretty harsh to say you must have 100 subscribers beforehand or we won't commit to it, but surely there are more than 100 IYONIX owners who want Select. Show ROL your money, and they'll give you it.
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John Cartmell Message #93667, posted by Q at 10:47, 11/6/2005, in reply to message #93666
Posts: 37
ams seems to have misunderstood how Select 32 came about. We (including Iyonix users) have cooperation between ROL and Advantage 6 to thank for the development of Select 32. It has never been possible for ROL to produce Select 32 quickly on their own and it has always been open for any hardware developer to fund the work. Advantage 6 and ROL found a way to sort out the problems together based on the work of ROL over the years and the result of their co-operation is available to be taken up by all current hardware - including the Iyonix. I cannot see how ROL hope to make any direct profit by pitching their target for Iyonix Select users as low as 100 but assume that they are expecting the positive results of having one OS working for all modern machines to be sufficient to kick-start new sales of hardware, software - and the latest OS.
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Annraoi Message #93668, posted by ams at 13:20, 11/6/2005, in reply to message #93667
Posts: 56
Well if A9 funded the development of Select32 for the A9Home fine. Thing is *Castle* have funded development of RO5 (now at version 5.09), I am quite happy to continue using it. Further development of the OS is funded by people buying *new* Iyonix PCs or (in exceptional circumstances) by one off paid for upgrades such as the USB2 upgrade.

ROL in the past said that if Iyonix users took Select subscriptions that Select would be ported to Iyonix, now it's that if 100 *new* subscribers join it will. The reality is that *if* Ad6 have paid for RO Select for the A9 (as Q stated) they're hardly likely to be pleased if RO Select for Iyonix becomes available before the A9 is well and truly out there. One gets the feeling that Iyonix users would once again be disadvantaged (as Iyonix Select would be "held up" until A9Home hit the streets). The alternative is simply to keep using Iyonix (with RO5 which is fine enough), don't take out Select subscriptions, and if Select does get ported it gets ported (and can be considered as an worthwhile upgrade) if not - it does not. I've somehow managed without Select so far (the savings I've made have been used to buy good software that does not descriminate against Iyonix users - like Techwriter and Artworks....)

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Paul Stewart Message #93669, posted by sa110_mk at 23:58, 11/6/2005, in reply to message #93668
Posts: 144
Surely the only way ROL will produce Select for Iyonix, is if they can be sure of making money out of it. Why go to the extra expense of making Adjust 32 Iyonixable if they do expect to make a profit from it.
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Annraoi Message #93670, posted by ams at 14:37, 12/6/2005, in reply to message #93669
Posts: 56
sa110_mk>As Q pointed out 100 buyers would hardly cover the cost of the work. If one takes it at face value that would suggest the "100 new subscribers" is an arbitrary figure (and leaves ROL the option to subsequently say - we didn't port Select because we didn't get the necessary 100 extra subscribers).

If Select was out on Iyonix I feel enough people would make it worth ROL's time/effort. Thing is several years ago, if memory serves me correctly, ROL hinted that if Iyonix owners kept their Select subscriptions going that they might produce a Select for Iyonix. Now the goal posts have uprooted and moved 100 yards left (now they need 100 *new* subscribers to guarantee the porting to Iyonix).

At this point I'd want to see Select *first* on an Iyonix before I'd commit any money to it. As it stands RO5 works and works well enough that not having Select is *not* a problem for me. As I said the money I save on pointless Select subscriptions has allowed me to purchase software from other companies that are willing to support Iyonix.

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Paul Stewart Message #93671, posted by sa110_mk at 12:34, 13/6/2005, in reply to message #93670
Posts: 144
In reply to AMS:

I can see your point entirely. ROL keep saying one thing about Select for Iyonix and doing something entirely different.

However, the fact that a version of Select for Iyonix of some description does exist, must at least carry favour. However, I fear ROL may just be about out of favours when it come to Select and Iyonix.

Instead of making comments here and there, Paul Middleton should take a leaf out of Castle's book i.e. produce the product, then ask for money.

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John Cartmell Message #93672, posted by Q at 16:37, 13/6/2005, in reply to message #93671
Posts: 37
I cannot see any circumstances in which Select will not become available for the Iyonix. Even if ROL did nothing in the short term (and the sight of a version at Wakefield says that isn't so) then they will doubtless produce a version when the demand from Iyonix users is clear. One version of Select/Adjust running in two forms 26-bit (for A7000s, RiscStations, RiscPCs, Omegas, virtual RO) and 32-bit (for A9s and newer hardware) would produce that demand in the long run. Surely the question is be whether Iyonix users will demand Select now rather than later?
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Steffen Huber Message #93673, posted by hubersn at 12:17, 14/6/2005, in reply to message #93672
Posts: 91
IYONIX users have demanded IYONIX Select since the very first appearance of the IYONIX pc (late 2002, two and a half years ago).

Many Select subscribers kept their subscriptions alive in the hope to see an IYONIX Select version soon - after all, RO Ltd. told them to do so and have said before that all work on Select was of course 32bit mode neutral.

Today, after RO Ltd. have repeatedly failed to come up with the goods and have not yet expained in what technical way they want to implement an IYONIX Select, many IYONIX users have simply given up.

The almost secret "Select on IYONIX" presentation at Wakefield should give a good indication of the interest RO Ltd. have in supplying IYONIX owners with Select.

By the way, the last official press release from RO Ltd. clearly said that RO Ltd. are committed to release IYONIX Select in 2005. I am not sure why Paul Middleton now says the opposite. It is the lack of a clear, understandable strategy that pisses off IYONIX users. To many IYONIX users who are or were Select subscribers it increasingly looks like RO Ltd. only ever wanted their money without even thinking about giving something back.

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The Icon Bar: News and features: Media Watch: RISCWorld details Select32 for IYONIX [Updated]