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The Icon Bar: News and features: Midlands RISC OS Show

Midlands RISC OS Show

Posted by Richard Goodwin on 14:38, 6/7/2010 | ,
Small posterThis Saturday sees the Midlands User Group Midlands Midsummer Mugshow in Kenilworth, Warwickshire. All the usual suspects will be there including [commence lazy cut and paste] RISCOS Ltd, ROOL, RComp, CJE, Drag 'n Drop, Soft Rock Software, Orpheus, Qercus, Steve Fryatt Software, Netsurf, MathMagical, Serious Statistical Software [end cut and paste] and of course the Midland User Group themselves.
Entrance fee is a pound, free to kids.
More info on the MUGs website - no, they really do call themselves MUG, it's not like I'm calling you saddos or something...
  Midlands RISC OS Show
  trevj (15:27 6/7/2010)
  sa110_mk (15:55 7/7/2010)
Trevor Johnson Message #114784, posted by trevj at 15:27, 6/7/2010
Posts: 660
Don't forget, "Kenilworth... is an ideal place for a family outing, a picnic on the grass and a bottle of Cava."
[Edit: There's also a conveniently located pub.]

[Edited by trevj at 13:31, 8/7/2010]
2010mugshowgreenman.JPG 639x393 53.8KB

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Paul Stewart Message #114793, posted by sa110_mk at 15:55, 7/7/2010, in reply to message #114784
Posts: 144
Also, don't forget to actually turn up!!!
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Midlands RISC OS Show