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The Icon Bar: News and features: Archive 26:3 reviewed

Archive 26:3 reviewed

Posted by Mark Stephens on 07:09, 26/6/2023 | ,

The latest copy of Archive (May/June) has been released. It's another 52 page monster with a very seasonal cover (Lulworth Cove is well worth the visit if you have not been there).

First item is the Editor's column which has some exciting news - Archive is growing subscribers and Gavin has had to move out of his home office into new premises. Maybe he will be hiring next....
The news section is 6 pages long and chock full of hardware and software news. There is even a tribute to the late Gordon Moore. I do like the page summarising software updates and forth-coming Calendar events. This is followed by a detailed report on the recent Wakefield Show along with lots of pictures if you were unable to attend.
Hearsay is the regular interview slot and in the hot seat this time is Steve Revill. He gives us lots of insight into ROOL, past present and future. You can also learn about how he got into RISC OS and what life was like inside Acorn and Castle.
The hardware reviews continue with a review of RISCOSbits FAST systems, (clue is in the title), based on the Compute 4 module. This is also the subject of Chris Hall's ongoing investigation as he looks at overclocking and cooling. Chris also has an article on 'Producing PDFs from Draw' files and Part 6 of his series on GPS.
The regular RISC OS Arcade section reviews 'Escape from Exeria' and Acron Retro has some arcade and text adventure nostalgia.
Rob Sprowson brings us the final Part of his series on programming the Pic and Gavin Smith looks at the new RISC OS Git client.
If you are feeling a bit lost with all the Artificial Intelligence news recently, Paolo Fabio Zaino is here with an excellent introduction to the terminology in 'AI and Machine Learning', and poses the question "could RISC OS, as a cooperative multitasking OS, actually have some advantages here?"
There is also the usual Letters/emails section,hints and tips between articles, and Yellow pages (which are yellow) with some programs to type in.
All in definitely a monster edition to keep you busy!
More details are at archivemag.co.uk
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Archive 26:3 reviewed