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The Icon Bar: News and features: Archive Edition 26:4 reviewed

Archive Edition 26:4 reviewed

Posted by Mark Stephens on 07:43, 3/10/2023 | ,

The latest edition of Archive Magazine (26:4) is now available and the slightly delayed issue is definitely worth waiting for...

As Gavin explains in his editorial, many RISC OS operations are one man bands (they can't afford the 200+ permanent staff we have at The IconBar!) so impacted by 'life'. We are very sorry to hear Gavin had lost both his parents in quick succession (thoughts and prayers with you and your family).

But he is back now with a bang and a big interview with Eben Upton for the next edition! Publications will be getting back on track, so start writing your articles for 26:5/6 now if you want to see them in print!

Back to this issue, it is another 52 page edition full of news, opinions interviews, reviews and tutorials and hints and tips (great gem about speeding up ChangeFSI), and even some yellow pages.
The news section itself is bang up-to-date - I received the announcement of the cancelled London Show 4 hours before my PDF copy of the magazine (with the news in it)! If it happened, it's in the news section and there is also a useful list of upcoming RISC OS events and software updates.
There is also a review of the Organizer 2.30 update, a RISCOSBits review 'special' and RiscPCB gets the very thorough Chris Hall treatment. Chris is still doing time in his second article.
Chris Johns continues his semi-regular series on Python with the accessing Toolbox from Python to speed up writing applications. Andrew McCarthy explains what PartMan is, how it works and why you might need it. Richard Ashberry starts a new graphics tutorial looking at animating circles. There are the regular Acorn Retro and Computer bits columns as well.
Hearsay interviews Andrew Rawnsley - lots of Doom (and other games) but no gloom. Nemo starts a new column called Nemo's nibbles - lots of printing and coding from the author of Vantage. He also has a second article on upgrading the Sprite format.
As I mentioned at the top, it is well worth the wait and plenty to entertain, educate and code inside....
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  Archive Edition 26:4 reviewed
  SparkY (11:23 5/10/2023)
  nytrex (14:43 5/10/2023)
Gavin Smith Message #125508, posted by SparkY at 11:23, 5/10/2023
Danger! Danger! High Voltage!
Posts: 697
And don't miss the next issue of Archive which features an exclusive interview with Eben Upton of Raspberry Pi Ltd!
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Alan Robertson Message #125509, posted by nytrex at 14:43, 5/10/2023, in reply to message #125508
Posts: 109
Well done on getting the interview. I'm sure that wasn't easy given how many people all want the same thing.
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Archive Edition 26:4 reviewed